Batho Pele Breast Unit
Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital

The multidisciplinary team is grouped around a surgical teaching Unit (Wits University) that comprises 3 consultants and 2 registrars, two medical officers and 4 Intern doctors. We service Southern Johannesburg, that includes Soweto and surrounding areas, with an estimated population of 2-2,5 Million.


We deal with a socially disadvantaged population with difficult access to health care. Further challenges are poverty, ignorance, stigma, transport problems and a poor primary health referral system. We attempt to help by implementing an open door policy to our clinic, providing health education at every opportunity for patients and primary health care providers and cooperating with NGOs.

Our outpatient clinic runs weekly on Wednesday and sees an average of 150 patients. Once diagnosed our current waiting time for surgery is one week. Presently about 50% of our cancer patients will present with stage 3 and 4 disease, but wherever feasible and preferred we offer breast conserving and reconstructive surgery.

We are having two multidisciplinary meetings per week with allied specialists, some of them from the Charlotte Maxeke Hospital where our patients receive their adjuvant Chemo- and Radiotherapy.