Res Gallery, founded by Ricardo Fornoni, Steven Goldblatt and Simone Fornoni, is an art gallery involved in promoting and selling digital media art, from limited edition prints to interactive installations, and mixed media artworks.

Owner and curator of the gallery, Ricardo Fornoni, additionally operates his printing studio from the Res Gallery space.

Fornoni is a leader amongst the handful of fine art printers currently operating in South Africa. He has produced prints for many of South Africa’s most established and respected artists such as William Kentridge, Wayne Barker, Wilma Cruise, Pat Mautloa, Sam Nhlengethwa, up-and-coming talents in the South African art world, as well as international artists such as David Bailey, Andy Goldsworthy, and Martin Parr, Linda McCartney and Banksy to mentioned a few.

Res Gallery aims to create a platform of cultural dialogue where artists are invited to show their work in thematic exhibitions, drawing together local, international, emerging, and established artists.

We believe that art should be approachable and for all, and that by affording visitors a visual experience in an inviting space, different art forms can be demystified and challenged.

In a world of new media, we feel it essential to share resources and information with the public and educational institutions.